Challenge 1: Design Thinking




Personal Introspection

  • What problem are you solving? The pain of having to purchase different public transport tickets by different channels.
  • Who is your audience? People who have to take different public transports and people who use public transports abroad.
  • Who is your client’s competitor? Google Maps


  1. How do you usually move in your day to day? Some answered me that by car or by subway and what when they went through the city by subway and by bus, although some also rented electric scooters.
  2. How do you usually buy tickets? What is your routine? Most buy tickets on the same bus, on the metro and one recharges it from the internet
  3. What problems have you had when buying tickets? What would you change about this method? The machine usually breaks down, sometimes it does not accept some bills or coins and there are usually no staff to assist you. Simple bills are usually paper and you have to throw them away later. For bus tickets many times you have to go to a kiosk or you have to queue to get on the bus and be charged by the driver, so you always leave later than the scheduled time. Everywhere there are queues that often make you lose your transport.
  4. Do you use any public transport application? And when you travel to other cities? They consult it on the transport website or on google maps. When they travel, they use google maps.
  5. There are applications to save plane and train tickets, have you ever used it? Yes they use it but they also print the tickets in case it doesn’t work.



Finding a solution

4. Prototype




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